1. 1.   What can I expect when I visit?   You will find a warm, friendly congregation waiting to welcome you. Regardless of your nationality, income level, education level, or occupation in life, there is a place for you and your family in our church family. Our Sunday Morning Worship service is approx 65 minutes long and includes congregational singing, special music, testimonies, and the preaching and teaching of God's Word, the Bible.

      2.   Do I have to bring a Bible?   We believe the Bible is God's only Word for us today and is the instruction manual for this life and all eternity. There are extra Bibles in each chair within arm's reach of your seat during the church service in case you didn't bring one. Our church only uses the King James Bible.

      3.   Will I be asked to give money?   Giving an offering is simply an act of worship and obedience for the folks who call Heritage Baptist Church their church home. As a visitor, you being here is wonderful. As a visitor, don't feel obligated to give when the offering plates are passed, unless you freely desire to do so.

      4.   Do you have a nursery for my baby?   We love children! We believe it is important for families to worship together. We have a free nursery staffed with caring volunteers for the young children age 3 and under during all of our services. Your child's safety and spiritual well-being is important to us.

      5.   Do you offer spiritual counseling?   Most of life's problems and issues can be solved by simply applying the Biblical truths given during the regular church services. However, if you have spiritual questions or spiritual problems that need more personal attention, please feel free to contact us.

      6.   What are your facilities like?   Our church building is ground level and handicap accessible. There is plenty of off-street parking in front of and in back of our building, right at our doors.

      7.   What is an Baptist church?   As an independent Baptist church, we are not affiliated with any particular Baptist denomination or ruling body. Because of this, we support our own missionaries, select our own leaders, and support institutions that believe as we believe. In short, our church answers to the headship of Jesus Christ rather than a denominational body. 

      8.   Our Music   In most churches today, the music consists of dumbing down the lyrics and cranking up the volume. Platforms look and often feel like rock concerts. The singing of hymns are considered as irrelevant.  At Heritage Baptist Church, we still believe that hymns generate a proper attitude toward God that is anything but lifeless and boring. We believe that both the message and the method should be Godly, not worldly.

      9.   Still Relevant   Casual seems to be the rage today, but we believe that God deserves better. While you will not find a judgmental spirit at Heritage Baptist Church, you will find a church that believes that reverence is right for the presence of God. Reverence is a fading virtue in America, not because God doesn't deserve it, but because churches no longer promote it. We believe that the presence of God deserves our attempt to express reverence and respect, not because it impresses Him, but because it reflects the attitude of our heart toward Him.

      10.   Our Preaching   At Heritage, we still believe in the dynamic, passionate communication of God's eternal Truths. That's what the Bible calls preaching. Many churches have either minimized preaching or replaced it with dramas, comedy routines, or motivational speeches. At Heritage you will hear preaching that is Bible-centered. We still believe in the absolute Truth of the time-tested Word of God. Be sure to bring your Bible because Bible verses will often be referenced during each sermon. The preach we hear is both practical and clear. Many churches spend their time trying to make the Bible relevant. The Bible has never been irrelevant. It is timeless!  We still believe in setting forth Biblical principles in a clear and practical way so that you can apply those truths in your daily life. Our preaching is also passionate and unapologetic.  In a culture of believe whatever you want regardless of whether it is actually true or not, preaching may seem offensive to sensitive hears. However, we still believe that the preaching of God's eternal Truth should not be watered down. At Heritage, you will hear passionate, direct preaching that challenges your faith.

      11.   Excitement   There is a mistaken idea these days that God needs help from the latest fads and technologies to be considered exciting. The Truth about Him is just not enough; it takes the latest music styles and entertainment trends to bring life to His attributes. At Heritage, we believe that entertainment and true worship are not the same, nor do they produce the same results. Strobe lights and darkened auditoriums may evoke the emotions, but they do nothing for someone's spiritual walk with God. While we are not afraid of technology, we still believe that church can still be exciting without borrowing the latest fads to kick-start the crowd.