Heritage Baptist Church

Ocala, Florida

  • Missionaries We Support:

    Atlantic City Baptist Rescue Mission, Paul Johnson, Director 
    Dr. and Mrs. Braxton (Peggy) Baker, Nicaragu/Central America 
    Dr. and Mrs. Gene (Alice) Burge, President of Baptist Mission to Forgotten Peoples, Jacksonville, FL 
    Dr. Leroy Demasellis, Rock of Ages Prison Ministry 
    Dr. Ken (Linda) Fielder - Worldview Ministries 
    Danny (Janice) Flowers, France 
    Dr's John and Tina Green, Local Church Bible Publishers and Bearing Precious Seed 
    Trent (Stephanie) Granger, Zacatecas, Mexico 
    Pastor Patrick (Kami) Gimenez and Family, Church Planting High Springs, FL 
    Stephen (Peggy) Harris, Mexico 
    Pastor Doug (Patricia) Hounshell, Church planting in Utah 
    Stuart (Michelle) Jellison, Missionaries to the US Military in Okinawa 
    Richard Jertberg, Madagascar 
    Dr. Terry Kendrick, Evangelism in USA 
    Terry (Carol) King, Ark Youth Ministry, St. Augustine, FL 
    Eric (Lisa) Kreh, Netherlands 
    Jonathan (Rachelle) Lyons, BMFP Vice President and European Director 
    Pastor Eric (Melissa) Leveille - church planting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
    Jimmy (Tracy) McGaha, Nepal 
    John (Rebecca) Park, Ministering to Chinese Americans on College campus
    Roger (Cheryl) Riley, Philippians 
    Samuel (Yohanna) Owens - Indonesia 
    Fortress of Faith, Dr. Tom Wallace 
    Kevin (Beth) White, Bolivia 
    J.B. (Linda) Ayers, Belize, Central America
    Kevin and Lori Hart, Hawaii